Do You Understand Today’s Customer?

Today’s Modern Consumer is Always Connected and Looking for Assisted Solutions. Statistics show 98% of ALL SALES Now Start via Online Search and Social Media. Are you there?

Only 3% of People Buy

Inside Every Marketplace  ONLY 3% of Consumers are “InMarket” Ready to Buy.

99% of Start Online

Modern Technologies have Changed how Consumers Interact with Businesses.

83% Journey Alone

Business to Consumer Relationships are  being REPLACED by Bots & AI.

Data Footprint Review

Your Brands Digital Footprint (data) is Peer GOLD. Inside this 30+ Page Analysis of Your Company’s Marketplace Behaviors Reveals Winning Actionable Insight for Your Business.


The Customer Buyers Journey NOW Transparent

Your Customers Buyers Journey

From the moment a consumer starts their buyers journey, they have tons of questions, across various of channels about their newly discovered problem. 

Your Brands NEW Sales Process

The power of Identity Resolution enables a Brand to be The First Company to Assist Consumers, Answer Questions, and Provide 1 to 1 Unique User Experiences.


Your Buyers Journey & New Sales Process


Welcome to The Age of {AI} Assistance?


45% of Purchases are Started Online

Majority of purchases originated from something seen online.


15% of Google Searches are NEW

Everyday your customer thinks of something new to reach you.


99% of Mobile Searches Have Increased

Over the last 2 years “xyz for me” has been the top search.


120% of Same Day Shipping Have Increased

BIG Box brands understand this shift in consumer behavior.

Learn From The Best

Visionary Helps You WIN

Brands Need Deeper INSIGHT into How Their Customers Data is The New SOURCE of Economic GOLD.

Brands have trillions of dollars sitting directly inside their Existing Customer Relationships or (CRM) just waiting to be liberated.


About Visionary Concepts

Our Story

Visionary Concepts is the World’s 1st Data Science Financial Firm with DREAMS of Taking Over The World (Not quite like Sky Net Lol)… But rather using Our (3) Step $UM PROFIT SYSTEM and AI Strategy  to Strengthen the Middle-Class “ONE” Business @ A Time” – by increasing MORE Profitable Transactions!

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Unlock your Brands OWN 1st Party Data GOLD Mine! Combine Your Existing CRM Data with our Visionary InMarket Buyer Data and learn Who’s Ready to Buy Your Products or Services. Reach The Top 3% of Your Market and Your BEST Profit Opportunities. .

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