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Welcome to The Future of Business Growth, Marketing and Sales.

Visionary is The World’s 1st Data Science Financial Firm that Enables Brands to Install Affordable AI-Micro Systems

Our Sole Mission & Purpose is Helping Brands Better Understand The VALUE of their OWN 1st Party Data.

Welcome to Visionary Concepts – “Where Seeing Is Believing”! We make Business Innovation Easy serving both SMB and SME industries. Visionary specializes in leveraging Identity Resolution Technologies to Help Transform Brands Sales and Marketing Process Digital to MATCH their Customers Buyers Journey.

Visionary Concepts is the World’s 1st Data Science Financial Firm with DREAMS of Taking Over The World (Not quite like Sky Net Lol)… But rather using Our (3) Step $UM PROFIT SYSTEM and AI Strategy  to Strengthen the Middle-Class “ONE” Business @ A Time” – by increasing MORE Profitable Transactions!


Unlock BIG Data

Visionary Teaches Brands how to Leverage and UNLOCK their OWN 1st Party Data using Identity Resolution.

This Data INSIGHT reveals their Brands Own Digital Footprint. So they can:

Generate More SALES

Unlock your Brands OWN 1st Party Data (All Inbound Traffic).

When you combine Existing CRM Data with our Visionary InMarket Buyer Data. Instantly Your Company will Gain INSIGHT of Who’s Ready to Buy Your Products or Services (InMarket).

These Consumers are The Top 3% of your Market and your BEST Profit Opportunities

Retain More CLIENTS

Tired of Customers Leaving or Churning or Not Seeing a ROI?

Visionary uses Identity Resolution to Alert Your BRAND the moment your Current or Past Customer is Back InMarket for Your Products and Services.

Also You can be Alerted if your Customers are Shopping for a Competitor.


The more COMPLEX  your Sales Process is or Expensive your Product or Service is… (typically)

The Longer the Sales Cycle BECOMES. This due to the amount of time your prospect must RESEARCH and then be Nurtured to become SALES READY.

Our technology allow  Brands to OWN and Control their OWN 1st Party Data, so their NOT on the clock with expiring 3rd party cookies.

Strategy is The Way You WIN!

Trying to stay competitive in retail is hard. Especially with the Amazons, and Googles of the world-dominating the marketplace using big data.

Visionary helps us level the playing-field by installing AI and Machine Learning inbound systems to generate sales opportunities.

Terri Becker

Founder & CEO, , in Retail Industry

Our Awesome Team

James Carley

James Carley

Author, Founder & CEO

Determined on making a difference! James lives in the matrix. His unique approach to big data is revolutionizing how SMB & SME business is won!

Irene Sural

Irene Sural

CFO & Admin Ops.

Irene aka “The Boss Lady” is the glue @ visionary. Her 18+ years of corporate operations and management make Irene a valuable asset to any project.

Rudy Avila

Rudy Avila

Data Strategist & ID Res.Expert

Rudy absolutely loves brands! From Small Business to Enterprise. Rudy finds the GOLD and Trapped Value hidden inside a brand’s own 1st Party Data.

Angelina Barako

Angelina Barako

Data Success Manager

Watch out world! Angelina’s bubble nature brings out the best of every project she manages. She works side by side with brands to ensure their success.

How Visionary Helps You Win!

Brand Digital Analysis

Customer Journey Mapping

Business AI Strategies

Sales Funnel Creation

Full Attribution Analytics

Funnel Mapping

Nurture Automation

Tangible Results & ROI

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